Kayak Fishing Upgraded – Best Trolling Motor and Batteries

Are you an avid angler looking for ways to make fishing trips more exciting? Are you tired of visiting the same fishing places and want to explore more without getting tired from paddling? Then it’s the right time to consider upgrading your kayak with a trolling motor.

A troller will give your kayak that extra boost of power: rely on mechanical thrust to keep you going, reach fishing spots faster, follow fish easily and be more efficient.

What criteria does the best trolling motor for kayak fishing need to meet?

How to Choose Your Trolling Motor

There are some things you have to take into consideration before buying a trolling motor:

Amount of Thrust

This depends on the size of your boat. The general rule of thumb here is: the larger the boat, the more thrust it will need. For a 10 ft kayak, look for a motor that can provide 40 lbs of thrust.


Enjoy more time on the water with higher voltage motors. One drawback is their size: the higher the voltage, the bigger the motor. Some kayaks are just too small to carry them.

Freshwater or saltwater fishing

If you’re fishing at sea, you’ll need to take extra care to protect your motor from corrosion. Having motor parts made from an anti-corrosion material such as stainless steel is a must.

Controls: hand or foot-operated

This is a matter of preference.

All of these factors make up the total price of a motor. Invest smartly: buy what you need, don’t pay for what you won’t use.

AGM and Wet Cell Batteries – What’s the Difference?

Without getting into the technical aspects, let’s see what makes these two battery types different:

Wet cell batteries are definitely the less expensive option here. Ideal for people new to the sport or casual hobbyists who don’t go out on the water often.

AGM batteries are a long-term investment that will last you several years with virtually no maintenance.

Wet cell batteries:

  • require regular maintenance
  • are sensitive to vibrations
  • have to be installed in an upright position

AGM batteries

  • don’t require any maintenance
  • can last a long time
  • can be installed and work in any position

Fisherman’s Tips is a great source of information that answers all of your fishing-related questions, including what to look for in a troller and motor battery. You’ll find articles on the best battery for trolling motor here, as well as educational articles on open-top, sit-in and inflatable kayaks, fish finders, and more.

Best AGM Batteries in 2020

Power Star Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Type: AGM sealed-acid

Voltage and amperage: 12 V 55 Ah

Other features: sealed and spill-proof, 3-year-warranty for use on boats

Interstate Batteries 12 V 35 Ah Deep Cycle Battery

Type: AGM seal-lead

Voltage and amperage: 12 V 35 Ah

Other features: made to last (5-year-warranty), can perform in a range of temperatures, maintenance-free

Universal Power Group 12 V 100 Ah

Type: AGM

Voltage and amperage: 12 V 100 Ah

Other features: versatile, up to 5 hours run time (at medium boating speed), maintenance-free

For more, visit FishermansTips.com!

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